Ordines Militares

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The Forum of Young Researchers of Military Orders


The 9th Youth Meeting of the Researchers of the Military Orders within the framework of the 20th Conference Ordines Militares Colloquia Torunensia Historica - September 25, 2019 in Toruń.


Regular meetings of young researchers dealing with the history of military orders have been taking place as part of the conference “Ordines Militares. Colloquia Torunensia Historica” every two years since 2003. The Forum of Young Researchers of Military Orders is organized one day before the session of the main conference (Thursday in the last week of September of an odd year). It contains both research projects (mainly dissertations) connected with the history of military orders and the first results of research which has already been done. Thus, The Forum of Young Researchers is intended to be the place to discuss research projects, and papers appearing in the forum are mainly announcements and reports. That is why, individual forums are not thematic conferences, and topics presented there do not concern only the history of military orders in the Middle Ages and the early modern period, but also their reception in subsequent years and their presence in contemporary culture.

The meetings constitute an opportunity for young researchers to meet and establish new academic contacts, which is facilitated by the international character of the forum. From the very beginning in the forum there have taken part not only junior researchers interested in the history of military orders, but also experienced academics, speakers and discussants of the main conference – visitors from Poland and abroad, as well as Toruń’s historians and representatives of other humanistic fields. In this way the Forum of Young Researchers is an attractive space for meetings of many generations of researchers who share common interests in both the history of military orders and their presence in contemporary culture. Through an academic dialogue young researchers have an opportunity to get precious guidelines from their older colleagues and masters, who possess a greater research experience and perceive the problem in a wider perspective. On the other hand, distinguished professors frequently meet in the forum young students writing their master’s or PhD theses, who present new ideas, and not infrequently continue the research of older colleagues.

The friendly ambience of the old, medieval city of Toruń creates favourable conditions for debates between younger and older researchers.

The list of the previous Forums of Young Researchers of Military Orders:

  • 1st Forum – 25 September 2003, Toruń
  • 2nd Forum – 22 September 2005, Toruń
  • 3rd Forum – 27 September 2007, Toruń
  • 4th Forum – 24 September 2009, Bierzgłowo.
  • 5th Forum – 22 September 2011, Toruń
  • 6th Forum – 26 September 2013, Toruń
  • 7th Forum – 23 September 2015, Toruń
  • 8th Forum – 20 September 2017, Toruń

You can find out more information about the conditions of participation from Krzysztof Kwiatkowski: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it