Ordines Militares

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2017 - XXII

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vol. XXII: 2017

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I. Studies and Articles from the 18th Ordines Militares Conference:

  • JOCHEN BURGTORF - Were There Reforms in the Order of the Temple?, pp. 7-29
  • MAREK SMOLIŃSKI - Attempts of economic and administrative reforms of the commandries of the Knights of the Order of St. John in Ost-Pomerania in the 14th century, pp. 31-53
  • ARNO MENTZEL-REUTERS - Humanistic Mythograms in Old Prussian Historiography before and after the Decline of the State of the Teutonic Order (1466-1550), pp. 55-92
  • JUHAN KREEM - The internal preconditions of the secularization of the Teutonic Order in Livonia, pp. 93-108
  • MATHIS MAGER - Secularization as an Institutional Challenge - the General Chapter of the Order of St. John in Viterbo (1527), pp. 109-121
  • CHRISTIAN GAHLBECK - The religious houses of the Hospitallers in Mecklenburg in their conflict with the Dukes of Mecklenburg in the 16th century, pp. 123-161

II. Other Studies:

  • GRZEGORZ ŻABIŃSKI - Not Only Barrels - Equipment for Firearms in the State of the Teutonic Order in Prussia, pp. 165-249
  • MARIE-LUISE HECKMANN - Pastor Bonus or Miles Christi? - Two Ideals of Clerical Conduct at the Age of Catholic Renewal, pp. 251-285
  • JULIUSZ RACZKOWSKI - Medieval murals recently uncovered in the chamber above the gate of the castle of the chapter of the diocese of Pomesania in Kwidzyn. Preliminary analysis: iconography, style, dating and functional role of the chamber, pp. 287-304

III. Obituaries:

  • UDO ARNOLD - Prof. P. Dr. Bernhard (Johann Alois) Demel OT, pp. 307-310

IV. Book Reviews and Book Notices:

  • Karol Polejowski, Matrimonium et crux. Wzrost i kariera rodu de Brienne w czasie wypraw krzyżowych (do początku XIV wieku) [Matrimonium et crux. The rise and career of the Brienne family during the Crusades (until the beginning of the 14th century)] (by SŁAWOMIR JÓŹWIAK), pp. 313-315
  • Hans Hettler, Preußen als Kreuzzugsregion. Untersuchungen zu Peter von Dusburgs Chronica terrae Prussiae in Zeit und Umfeld (by JÜRGEN SARNOWSKY), pp. 316-318
  • Parafie w średniowiecznych Prusach w czasach zakonu niemieckiego od XIII do XVI w., [Parishes in medieval Prussia during the time of the Teutonic Order, between the 13th and 16th centuries], ed. Radosław Biskup, Andrzej Radzimiński (by RAFAŁ KUBICKI), pp. 319-325
  • Priester im Deutschen Orden. Vorträge der Tagung der Internationalen Historischen Kommission zur Erforschung des Deutschen Ordens in Wien 2012, hrsg. v. Udo Arnold (by MARCIN SUMOWSKI), pp. 326-329
  • Zamek biskupów chełmińskich w Wąbrzeźnie w świetle badań archeologiczno-architektonicznych. Studia i materiały, red. Marcin Wiewióra (by KRZYSZTOF KWIATKOWSKI), pp. 330-340
  • Wasik Bogusz, Budownictwo zamkowe na ziemi chełmińskiej (od XIII do XV wieku), (by JULIUSZ RACZKOWSKI), pp. 341-346
  • Francesco Filotico, Le origini del Baliato di Bolzano nel Quadro del primo sviluppo dell’ Ordine Teutonico (1200-1270) (by ROMAN CZAJA), pp. 347-349